A grey on white pencil drawing, Anna is lying on a bed naked, looking at the viewer. Her body is soft, she has stretch marks on her belly and cellulite on her legs.
Grey on white pencil drawing. Anna posing naked. Her body is fat, curvy and soft, her boobs saggy. She is sitting with her legs spread apart, angled at the knees. Her hands meet her left foot in front of her, blocking the sight to her vulva. She is looking directly at the viewer.
Grey on white pencil drawing. Anna posing naked. Her body is fat and curvy and soft, her boobs saggy, and she has some belly rolls, and cellulite on her butt.
Pencil drawing of Vivek Shraya. She is sitting and looking to the right, and she’s wearing a denim dress, a black choker, a necklace, big earrings, and a bindi.
Pencil drawing of Kina Grannis playing guitar and singing with her eyes closed.
A portrait of Alok Vaid-Menon in pencil on paper. Alok wears a big necklace with a lot of beads, a spaghetti-strap shirt (or dress?) in a bright color, and some bracelets. They have a short beard and very beautiful, soft-looking body-hair. They're looking at the viewer, mouth slightly open, the right arm (from viewer's point of view) up behind the neck.
Pencil drawing of Majic Dyke. They’re holding a book in their hands, looking at the viewer, with a really cute smirk on their face.
pencil drawing of Megan Jayne Crabbe dancing in underwear, her left hand on her hip, throwing back her head, eyes closed, smiling with the tip of her tongue between her teeth. Some strands of hair fall in her face.
pencil drawing of Ruby Allegra. They're in underwear, sitting and posing with the arms up meeting and holding each other above Ruby's head. Their eyes are closed, their hair is short, their armpits are hairy.